Importance of Bamboo

For those who loves earth, there is organic variety of Bamboo on the market today.

Bamboo runs from clothing, accessories such as eye ware, teether , baby toys, furnitures, kitchen utensils, flooring, roofing, food, medicinal supplements, possible fuel in the future?

There are a lot of things to consider in life this days especially if you are parent, working mom. One of that giving our kids the best of everything we can. Bamboo is one them. A very versatile eco industry that change today’s social and economics world.

According FAO Food and Agriculture Organization, “Several hundreds of millions of people worldwide depend on bamboo and rattan for their livelihoods. According to INBAR, annual world trade in bamboo and rattan is currently estimated at US$14 billion.” Why not be part of it? Purchasing eco friendly products such as bamboo can optimize the value of our life and be a participant of helping local farmers.

Here are some of the benefits of bamboo in general at home.

  • Eco Friendly: Bamboo is made naturally and grown by local farmers.
  • Easy Maintenance: Bamboo is relatively easy to maintain. Just wipe it with damn towel or rinse it with soap and warm water.
  • Natural Material: came from natural bamboo wood plant. Properly harvested  and cut and molded intricately. Bpa free, non toxic chemicals
  • Price: Cost effective. Budget savvy.
  • Durability: Rest assured that the bamboo use is extremely strong, hard, and durable.
  • Style: Neutral but trendy

Uses of Bamboo

Bamboo is effective not only for the Pandas and cows but also for humans. Now there are multiple researches exploring good about this plant. Every day we see how innovatively green bamboo used to evolve. It is highly sustainable means you do not have to worry about adding up trash to our landfill after using beautiful, useful bamboo products.

Here are some bamboo items that you must try.  

1. Bamboo Toilet Paper

2. Bamboo Straws

3. Bamboo wipes for baby

4. Bamboo Chopping board

5. Ladies! Have you tried bamboo charcoal sanitary napkin. I’m telling you its worth a buck!

6. Bamboo reusable Diaper.

7. Bamboo toothbrush

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